Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week 1

Hello everyone. I wanted to update you on week one  for the AAK Home & Careers, and Careers classes. I am also going to include the Potsdam H.S. Textiles class on this blog.

This week went well. I am enjoying meeting all of my new students. This week my personal challenge will be to learn all of the students names. They have all been pretty understanding when I call them the wrong name! The AAK students have been very helpful when I get confused about the middle school schedule and procedures.

Home and Careers classes are working on parenting skills right now and have read chapter 9 in their textbook. Reading chapter 10 will be the assignment for this coming week.

Careers is working on communication skills, verbal and nonverbal. They have read chapter 4 in their textbook and will be assigned chapter 5 this coming week.

Textiles class has completed chapters 1&2 and been tested on it. They will be taking notes on chapters 3&4 this coming week. We should be sewing in about 4 weeks which means the students will need to choose their projects and bring in a check to cover the costs in 3 weeks. The checks should be made out to Potsdam Central School.